What you should know before the photo shoot

Have you ever gone to a photo shoot and just before the shoot the stress came over you that you are actually not properly prepared? For all those who have stress before a photo shoot, I have prepared this article. 

Knowing how to pose is not a necessity !!!

I often encounter clients who are stressed about posing in front of the lens. That's what this is for photographer, to guide you. You don't need to have studied every pose from A to Z. Just work with the photographer. Based on my approach with clients, if you are under a lot of stress or just want to have peace of mind and order in your poses, it's no problem to go over the poses you would like to try with the photographer before the actual shoot. Then when you arrive at the shoot you will know what to do and how to do it. If you don't feel comfortable in a pose, it's not a mistake, tell him. There's no rule that every pose has to fit you, it's perfectly natural. No one will scold you for it.

The lens is your friend!!!

First photo shoot = stress. I don't want to repeat myself, but it's natural that when you're standing in front of a lens for the first time you're not exactly comfortable. Personally, when I see in my clients that they don't feel comfortable when it comes to the actual shoot, or they tell me themselves, I try to change/alleviate that. That said, I'll turn on some music, have a little chat and in most cases the stress subsides. Immediately the shoot is more enjoyable too, when our trusty friend's stress goes away.

We are here for you! Don't be afraid of us!

So, as I wrote at choosing a photographer for your wedding, I'll write here too. When choosing a photographer, also look at his/her way of communication, it can tell you a lot about him/her. First of all, we are here for you. Our job is to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and most importantly, natural, so that you enjoy the photo shoot. That way, you will not only have beautiful photos, but also an unforgettable experience from the photo shoot.

As I mentioned in the previous point, if you don't feel comfortable in a particular pose, tell us. In most cases, the photographer can sense it, but there's nothing wrong with telling us yourself. At the same time, if you have a pose you'd like to try but you're not sure about either its execution or its suitability, just ask us. The photographer taking your picture is aware that you are not a professional and that is why he/she will try to advise you, guide you and answer your questions.

So hooray for stress-free photo shoots !

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